The Last Apprentice: The Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

Brrr. There is a reason this cd comes with the warning: Not to be listened to after dark. Chilling and nail biting as Joseph Delaney is, the performance by the haunting and urgent baritone of Christopher Evan Welch sends goosebumps up and down the spine. Find an excerpt as well as an audio clip here. The cover illustration by Patrick Arrasmith is excellent.

Being the seventh son of a seventh son means that Thomas Ward can hear the ghasts of hanged men up on a hill near his home. He can sense and see things that would frighten  the stoutest of hearts. It seems logical then that, at 12, Thomas  “…was going to learn how to protect farms and villages from things that go bump in the night. Dealing with ghouls, boggarts, and all manner of wicked beasties would be all in a day’s work. That’s what the Spook did, and I was going to be his apprentice.”

Unfortunately, Alice, a pretty girl with pointy shoes persuades Thomas to feed some sticky cakes to a witch trapped underground by the spook. Now Thomas must go head to head with a particularly nasty witch and her kin before lives are lost. There are plenty of nasty ends, bitten off fingers, and baby eating witches here to frighten off the weak.


13 Responses to “The Last Apprentice: The Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney”

  1. Niranjan Says:

    Spooky cover that. Been a long time since I’d last endured a horror movie. A spooky audiobook never crossed my mind, until now..

  2. This post makes me wonder if you have ever listened to AKA “Escape Pod.” Escape Pod is a weekly podcast of free science fiction and fantasy stories for your MP3 player or computer. I’m an addict.

    BTW I finally got around to adding a links and realized I didn’t have one to your site on my blog, until today.

    Happy reading.

  3. @Niranjan: i hope you checked out the audio excerpt link. it was a fun do, and yeah, i heard it at night. kids these days, huh? that thing would retard me 10 years of growth!

  4. @Cereal Girl:
    Thank you so much for adding me, m’dear. I’ve been peeking and your blog is going from strength to strength. Lately, i’ve been having the block you seemed to be going thru in May and June.

    And hey, thanks for the link. Hadn’t heard of it, and will check it out asap.

  5. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. If you guys make a movie of these books they will be the best horror movies ever, but if your going to choose a director choose Peter Jackson, or even better sinse this is a horror movie ROB ZOMBIE. If you can’t make any movies keep making books I know one person who will definitely read it(ME). YOU GUYS ARE COOL.

  7. I have read all of the books including number 5. It leaves you at a hang cliff!!! What will happen to Alice??? Finish book number 6!!!
    Your number 1 fan!!!

  8. i love did book!!!
    Your number one fan!!

  9. Love all the books I’v read them all twice! Your #1 fan times 2(if thats posibel)

  10. Just finished “Bloodeye”…wow!! I think the reason this series rings so true is that it’s reality based…for the same reason when I saw “Exorcist” at the young age of 20 it scared the gegeebers out of me. You’re not underground in a fairy world as is Artemis, nor in the underworld as in “May Bird”, nor listening to the rantings of a toothpick in “Leven Thumps”. No, this is an ordinary man, walking the countryside and training a gifted boy…and they are facing the evilist of evil not with light sabers, but salt, iron filings, and a staff of hickory. Truly chilling stuff. I hope the series never ends. Unless breifly, to write the screen play. Would make a great movie…and a second vote for Peter Jackson.

  11. The book is the most awsomest thing ive ever read its scary funny and its awsome to read during the dark it really gives you an eery feeling ill jus tell you that much and the rest of the books are just as good if not just as scary especally attack of the fiend

  12. aindrila Says:

    I third Peter Jackson. I feel he’s the only one who’ll be able to capture the spine chilling effect of these books. Love the series.

  13. i am now reading that book and i would have to say so far i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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