Little White Lies

David March finds a dead bird on  the porch, and the broken body of the swallow is hte first omen. Beth March’s quiet, unexceptional and conventional life descends into a  from their joint nightmare when David drives his car full speed into a truck and is killed instantly. She finds that he has taken out all his funds from  their bank account, besides remortgaging their house, and was in  the process of seemingly eloping with someone on the day of his accident. From her solicitor, to her neighbors, to her friends, no one seems to be telling her the truth, no one can be trusted. As Beth tries to unravel the events that led to David’s death, she finds that it is her next door neighbor Julia, suffering from Münchhausen’s syndrome by proxy is behind the dead birds, the threatening notes, the involvement with and blackmail of David, and the novel thunders away to a climax.  

This is British author Elizabeth McGregor’s debut novel, and was serialized on the BBC Drama series.  


2 Responses to “Little White Lies”

  1. Oooh, a long time ago I read a book where the protagonist’s mother suffered from Munchausen syndrome, but the title eludes me. It was quite a powerful book!

  2. @Lotus: hey, beautiful. how you manage your prolific online life and yet manage to stay on top of everything is all beyond me. 🙂

    as a genre, mysteries just do not light my fire. Anthony once wrote that if a book keeps you guessing till the end, then it succeeds as a whodunnit. on that account, this book fails. my bad to reveal the killers, but i read all sorts of garbage so you don’t have to. 😀

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