The Traveller

It is set in the present and takes a lot of material from today’s headlines to create a world that could conceivably exist, a world where “big brother” is a reality, where everyone lives in a virtual prison of being watched by someone else. In the tech community there have been discussions of this at length that say that in truth, privacy is an illusion.

The Traveler functions mainly as an Orwellian cautionary tale with some Matrix fight scenes and metaphysical speculation thrown in. An Illuminati-like shadowy organization known only as the Tabula controls modern society through technology. They’re influenced by Bentham’s idea of the Panopticon—a prison in which the prisoners couldn’t see their captors, and thus had to assume they were always being watched. Their methods are fairly plausible, which I’ll admit is quite scary.

Harlequins represent the other group, they are the protectors of the Travelers, or rather, people who can have outer body experiences and travel to other realms, which is totally Lobsang Rampa. When we catch up to the story, it surrounds mainly two brothers who are the sons of a traveler, and as such, could have the same power their father has, and a Harlequin who tried unsuccessfully to blend into the “vast machine” of mundane culture. Unfortunately for her the Tabula, still want her dead. After her father is killed, the Harlequin, Maya, flees Europe and goes to the only place she can go to, to see if the rumors of a Traveler are real and if so she will do as all Harlequins have done in the past, that is protect the Traveler.

Michael and Gabriel Corrigan are the two brothers. Gabriel has taken great pains to be off the grid in his life. He is a courier, rides a motorcycle, and when he is not delivering packages around Los Angeles, he skydives. Michael on the other hand is the older brother and sees himself as the more responsible one. He is in real estate, and is firmly plugged into the vast machine. The vast machine, as a result, knows exactly where he is and they capture him.

Nathan Boone and a General Nash are the faces we see of the Brethren, and the legitimate front corporation they represent, the Evergreen foundation. They convince Michael to help them by becoming a traveler. It turns out that they need Travelers now because they will help the Evergreen foundation to map the entrances and exits to the different realms. On the other side of the that is an alien civilization that will trade them designs for a quantum computer for this road map of different dimensions.

All set for a trilogy, folks.


10 Responses to “The Traveller”

  1. can break satellite rec. on my head if that will cheer you guys up..gosh I cannot believe this is happening. Comon this is not the first time India has lost miserably..:)

  2. The author’s name was curious enough to warrant a search. Interesting mystery there. He is known to live “off the grid”, and I know what that means thanks to this review.

  3. Hi, anoc!

    You’ve been busy reading…will need to play “catch-up”!

    Hugs to you sweet lady!

  4. Wow…how DO you manage to read so much?? These days, I’m happy if I read a book in a month…5 minutes each day before I fall asleep 🙂

  5. @Pallavi: hi… sorry for the mini tantrum there, dear. *rueful* it was just the ignominy of it that bugged me. 🙂

  6. Alok Niranjan! i wanted to put in something about the mystery author, but you saved me the effort. and btw, conspiracies abound on the nets that 12 Hawks is actually Dan Brown writing, but the story – especially the fight sequences – is too Hollywood and a hallmark of an amateurish style, so i cannot believe this is actually Brown.

  7. @Lotus: madam, very happy to count you among the back and blogging with a vengeance, so i can get my daily dose. *hug*

  8. @Aarti: abhi tumhari nazar lag gayi!! am sadly overdue and paying through nose to the library in late fees. *ouch* and a friendly suggestion: keep a stack in the washroom, dear. 😉

  9. Yeah…I keep saying ‘consider it charity’ when I rack up those library fines 🙂 As for the stack in the washroom – I tried it once, with magazines…doesn’t work. I’ll just need to ditch the PhD!

  10. @ Aarti: ye God! well, back to your thesis, lady!

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