Decorating on eBay

It probably wouldn’t occur to many folks that eBay would be the place to look for furniture and other decorating ideas. However, when art historian Barbara Guggenheim got a commission to completely decorate a model home and she turned to e-Bay. While working on the house, she kept notes.

The book describes not only the big concept of what she was doing but also the minor details like what search words she used to find items. There are a host of interesting tips like price reports, buying and selling tips, etc. Things to watch out for are troubles with late shipping, bogus shipping costs. Sellers on e-Bay often put down a high shipping charge on the items as a way of getting a guaranteed additional income to the bid price.

The project was extremely successful going by the glossy pictures that take up most of the room in the book. For non-connessieurs, eBay might not be the best option – I can see myself weighed down by duds that will not work out. I also did not understand the logic behind boiling perfectly new and clean curtains in tea or battering and distressing furniture “to give it charm”.


2 Responses to “Decorating on eBay”

  1. Ahhh, it’s for those that like the “antique” or “vintage” look perhaps…never been a huge fan of that, neither am I partial to style is more eclectic ,but if I had to narrow it down to a single classification, I’d say it was ethnic.

  2. heck, i’d describe my style as trying to bail out useless toys and clutter while standing on one peg leg in a rickety old boat in high “Tide” of laundry with the baby wriggling out of its papoose. *wry* guess i am also one of those brigades of the uncouth and ignorant, but really, “antique” fabric and furniture really only looks stained and battered, nai?

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