Jai Google Ki

I thought that this blog had reached the nadir of its existence when Google turned it up for the query, “Do Bollywood actresses have hair in their armpits?” but I was optimistic. A look at the stats this bright Saturday morning reveals that apparently someone has accessed this page for the question “Why do old men’s balls hang?” *sob* Oh G-! Why me??? Seriously, my gentle readers – and other perverts – what in this innocuous little book log is there that suggests it is remotely connected to the physiognomy of geriatric males?


11 Responses to “Jai Google Ki”

  1. “Do Bollywood actresses have hair in their armpits?” Hilarious!!! Those sitemeters are seriously entertaining, but I’ll have to admit, I’m jealous that Google turns to your blog for these gems, why not mine, I have a darn serious and sober book blog too! 😉

  2. Do they, really? 😉

    Hilarious, indeed! For the laughs that it warrants, you surely can’t be complaining about your blog showing up in such queries :-).

  3. @anocturne: Hahahaha…I can’t believe this! It’s hilarious. It’s like going to a hospital for a sauna!!!

  4. 🙂 It exists, because Google says so (sarcasm dripping from each letter). Maybe in your blog lie the answers for all questions that men have dabbled with for centuries.

  5. Lotus, my precious, you need a truly foul mind like some people we can mention – nudge nudge – for your sitemeters to reward you with these nuggets.

    Niranajan, just for that callousness, i should tag you for 3 weird search terms, yourself!

    S!, so now they have saunas at the hyderabadi hospitals?! i told you desh tarrakki par hain!

    Parth P, yeah, right. [amusement dripping likewise ;)]

  6. BTW, how did you get that data? (list of queries that lead to your blog)

  7. @Parth: WordPress has a little inbuilt thingy called Blog Stats, which gives you the highlights of the day, including search engine terms – which is a good thing, because wordpress doesn’t let you tweak or touch its templates, or add other widgets in the sidebar such as sitemeters and so on, unless you get a paid upgrade. that way, Blogger is WAY more flexible. or maybe i’m just a low level geek who hasn’t figured out a widget from a wipe. Niranjan might be able to give you the depth and detail you require, coz as far as i know, we are using the same template and everything else.
    not that you asked, but here’s what i got today:
    Search Views
    anocturne 1
    twelve kingdoms 1
    sacred games lauda 1
    respond about the angels and demons stor 1

  8. Nocturne:

    That is simply hilarious. I realize Shilpa Shetty with her obvious bleaching skills must have spread the word about apparently hairy Bollywood actresses but I fail to understand when hanging testes became a point of curiousity? What really got me laughing (and thinking) is whether you ever mentioned anything remotely similiar in are your posts?

    Perhaps the mention of Canada was enough? 😉

  9. Looks like I have some blogger digging up to do. Thanks for telling me about this wordpress feature.

  10. what yaar, Dushyant, what do you mean, that us’m in Canada are congenitally awash in discussion about congenitalia? i mean, i know you know i live in the heart of gay village in friendly, downtown Toronto with Shrek, but this is too much only.

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