Plus ça change, plus c’est le meme

Thank you, Cereal Girl for the tag, and the opportunity to spread the weirdness through the blogosphere like a virus. Here are 6 weird things about me!


1. I’m a booksniffer.

2. I have to read something before I can sleep. Even if I’ve run a marathon, lifted weights for 3 straight hours before drinking 8 shots of tequila and dancing till 3 a.m. – something that unfortunately seems to happen less and less as age advances – I have to read at least for 10 minutes before I can finally drift off.


3. I hate lists like the Best 100 Books / Movies / Rock Shows / Swimsuits, and so on. They only serve to remind me of how many great books, movies, concerts, lingerie, etc. I missed while I was probably reading something crappy, watching a lousy show, and stripping diapers or drippy underwear.


4. I’m paranoid abut bookmarks. I’ll never let one go out of free will, and you’ll have to saw off my clutching, cold dead fingers from the good ones. But I still tend to lose a lot of them. Get orf, you lying, scheming, bookmark thiefs!!! I have a similar obsession about coffee mugs, but at least I know I dropped it on the floor and chipped, nicked, or shattered it.


5. Punctuation and grammatical errors give me hyperacidity. Spelling mistakes make me foam at the mouth. When I receive SMS abbreviations in my email, I wake up in a padded cell with blood under my fingernails.




All you weird people out there, if you make the mark – or are inventive enough – consider yourself tagged.


5 Responses to “Plus ça change, plus c’est le meme”

  1. hahahha, great responses, anocturne! I used to be one of those people – the ones that just HAD to read before sleep- but these days I’m in the Land of Nod the minute my head touches the pillow! I hate losing bookmarks,too, grrrr!

  2. I’m getting tagged!!! But nope, I’m not weird!!!

  3. You paint a bleak picture of growing up, O Lotus. Blog away, Sitara, and the world shall judge ye weirdness quotient.

  4. Ahhh, Anocturne, sleep’s not so bad, especially when you’re in the arms of Morpheus! 😉

  5. @Lotus: you and your Morpheus! dirty creature!!

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