The Golden Gate

Dear friends, do not be intimidated
By this novel written in verse
Perhaps you have anticipated
That it will be obscure, or worse
Solemn, pretentious and “poetic”
Relax. You’ll need no anesthetic
Our author tells his tale with style
And effortless charm. Before long I’ll
Bet you’ll find yourself engrossed in
Each stanza of this narrative
Of love and lust, of take and give
Of modern times. So let’s raise a toast in
Honor of the nerve it took
To invent this outrageous book!


Dushyant did a great review of The Golden Gate here.


10 Responses to “The Golden Gate”

  1. I second that. Gosh…what a book.

  2. Wasn’t the cat really something, Sitara? [The people weren’t too bad either.]

  3. I’ve heard so much about this book – I love the idea of a book written in verse, especially sonnets! Love how you did your review – clever 🙂 Off to Dushyant’s now.

    THanks, Anocturne!

  4. dear Lotus, am still waiting for Dushyant to send me the link for the piece, but the team litblog, Mount Helicon, is quite browseworthy.

  5. allright, dug up Dushyant’s far better review, and it’s here:

  6. Am reading ‘A suitable boy’ for the past twenty days. Hopefully should get to it by the end of this month. This is absolutely next on my list.

  7. Parth: 20 days, eh? not bad. you’ll blog about it, and i shall finally be able to read it vicariously! Am laboring with Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games. Attitude, bhidu – it’s just full of it! [There, I hope I haven’t swore at you or anything. What the hell is bhidu anyways? Mumbaikars? Hello?]

  8. Hey Nocturne! So good to see you back up again. I need to update my blog roll. And thank you for compliments on the review. It was simply a brilliant book. Are you a ‘life of Pi’ fan too!


  9. Dushyant Bhai, namaskaar! Well, about time you got here, bhidu! Martel is on my To Be Read list.

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