“tried to talk to the senior officers, explain some of the problems and She  picked up her pack and planted her bottom on the wall, swung her A big fat red slob! I shouted. A hairy conman. There was no answer. I rose and brushed off my shorts.”

Don’t you just love spam?


6 Responses to “”

  1. I see that you are quite a reader, and that you know Lotus as well. I’m wondering if you would like to do more book reviews too? Please send me an email and we can discuss further. khenderson@randomhouse.com

  2. Hairy conmen are the best.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment, Kate.

    Amar, you are allowed to have as many hirsute experiences as you want, as long as you promise to blog about them! 😉

  4. heylo girl! and how have you been? why aren’t you writing? and i don’t mean the book review variety…did you make it to the talk i told you about?

    p.s.: comment on ‘suitable boy’ waaaay out of line! take some (a lot!) of time out of your schedule and read it. pure blissful unadulterated indulgence. in the manner of a good-good-good bollywood film. and then, maybe it’s not for some…

  5. no review on ‘an equal music’ yet? will wait for that…wanna know what you think!

  6. Hi, Shreya! no fair – you disappeared first!!
    hey, the man still has too much time on his hands!! I loved The Golden Gate, though.

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