Evil is by nature easy. Because good is a wholeness, whereas evil is a deficiency, and because evil does not act through itself but through the good it preys upon, it takes but a small amount of good to succeed greatly in evil, whereas it takes a great amount of good to succeed but a little in good.

“Some Reflections on Religious Art”

appendix to Jacques Maritain’s Art and Scholasticism


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  1. Off topic, but I have taken a few recommendations from your site and booked them at the library, including the Five people you meet in heaven and An Equal music and Ohman Pamuk (have I spelt his name correct?). Currently am starting ‘A suitable boy’ (last man on planet left to read it, I guess). Will let you know how I enjoyed it.

  2. the spelling isn’t right, but “ohman” has a definitely more interesting ring to it than Orhan, lol! Happy reading, Parth
    Hey, about A Suitable Boy… guilty as charged. I browsed through it once, and left with the bemused feeling that Bikram Seth is someone who has a lot of time on his hands.

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