Difficult books

Art never responds to the wish to make it democratic; it is not for everybody; it is only for those who are willing to undergo the effort needed to understand it. We hear a great deal about humility being required to lower oneself, but it requires an equal humility and a real love of the truth to raise oneself and by hard labor to acquire higher standards.

Flannery O’Connor


6 Responses to “Difficult books”

  1. Wow, makes you think, huh? Great quote, thank you!

  2. @Lotus: yes, dear, you guess aright. this springs directly from my troubles with My name is Red.

  3. Sweet Anocturne, I remember reading “My Name is Red”, but, I think I read it more like an anthropologist and less as a lover of literature ( I tend to do that with my books sometimes), maybe that’s how I sailed through it. I have never picked up another Orhan Pamuk after that, however! đŸ™‚ I should go in search of the notes I made after I read the book, it would be interesting to read after all these years. Good luck with the book and I hope I see a review sooN!

  4. The statement does ring true. I remember going to one the Smithosinian museums which had a bunch of abstract sculptures, some of which, for the life of me, I didn’t get. My initial reaction was to shrug it off, but its possible that some of the meaning in my writings could be lost on readers too. It is easy to lay blame with the artist, but if the appreciator is incapable of understanding the references and the assumptions, you can’t get too far, can you?

  5. Dear Parth, it goes both ways, na? if great art is something that speaks to everyone, bad art is that which obfuscates many, perhaps?

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