The God Particle

This books promises a thriller which explores the place where particle physics and religion meet. The story of two men whose lives intersect when they both start exploring the physics phenomeon of the elusive Higg’s boson or The God Particle, the book explores an aspect of current physics theory and how it relates to and might even prove the existence of God.  It fails to deliver.

While The God Particle has Mike McNair and Kelly Smith engaged in an airplane coversation about the relative territories of science, reason, and faith, these are never explored much beyond seeming contention between science and spirituality. There is no common ground aside from each being a disparate way of seeing the universe.

If Cox had spent as much energy dealing with the implications of the science as he did voyeurism, sexual betrayal, and failed relationships, this might have been a read worthy of science fiction. When the narrative finally turned the bulk of its attention to the subject at hand near the end of the novel, the connection between the experimental brain surgery performed on Steve Keely and the superconducting super collider in Texas, it felt rushed.

Nothing in the league of Gary Zukav’s The Dancing Wu Li Masters, which is a super introduction to quantum physics and ties in very well with metaphysical implications about human consciousness and reality.


2 Responses to “The God Particle”

  1. I should be ashamed of myself – here I am a science graduate and I can’t bring myself to read science fiction! 😉

  2. @Lotus: my obsession started waaayy back with doordarshan’s telecast of Star Trek on sundays, so i don’t have anything much to say to defend myself. 🙂

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