3. The High Druid of Shannara – Straken

The thundering end of the trilogy. Pen goes forth into the Forbidding with the aid of the tanequil darkwand, and unwittingly unleashes his legacy of the Wishsong magic to rescue his aunt. They return and vanquish Shadea a’Ru with some timely help from Pen’s parents, and his friends. Goodness triumphs and vice is defeated.

Even though it was formulaic and threadbare, I did enjoy reading this more than the preceding two, partly because Brooks spent so much time setting up the obstacles that you have to rush through to see how the protagonists achieve their impossible goals. However, it is hard not to feel cheated by a couple of [non]resolutions. Grianne escapes from the Straken Lord far too easily. And her guide through the Forbidding, the sorry little Ulk Bog just goes poof and vanishes. I also felt that Grianne’s reversion to the Ilse Witch was promising, and should have been explored.

The latest Shannara trilogy is a comforting read, with a pot of tea, over a couple of rainy afternoons. 


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